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We buy bankruptcy services from people we like

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Marketing Tips for End of May

People do not buy legal services from law firms or companies, they buy legal services from people. To make the point more fine, people buy legal services from people they like.

Think about your service purchases over the last month. Do you get a hair cut from the barber or stylist that you do not like? Do you patronize the hair salon that makes you feel like a number? Do you go to the stylist that forgets your name every time she meets you?

The answer to the above questions for most of us is “no”. We do not buy services from people or places that we do not like. We do not patronize shops that do not care about us and we like people who remember our names.

Here are three tips on how to increase your likability:

Listen to your clients.

We like people who listen to us. We do not like people who do all the talking. Let your client talk and listen to what she has to say. You will learn information about your client and her case and she will like you more for letting her talk. She will feel like a partner in the matter, rather than someone following your orders.

Remember your client’s name.

Dale Carnegie in “How the Win Friends and Influence People” said that the sweetest words to a person’s ears are his own name. If you remember your client’s name, you will show that he is special and he will like you for taking the extra step to enhance the relationship.

This may seem like an obvious point, but you will be surprised how many lawyers do not know the names of their clients. These people are paying the law firm, but the lawyer does not know their names when they are dealing with them. Take time to learn and say the client’s name, you will be rewarded.

To increase your “likability”, like your clients.

Many attorneys have a thin veil of contempt for their clients. The attorney does not like his client, and the client can sense this. The client tolerates the service, but then does not refer any other people to the attorney or the firm.

We cannot like all of our clients, but we can deal civilly with them and not damage the reputation. If we like the client, then we will be disposed to treat them better. This will in turn benefit you.


These three tips will help you become more likable and will in turn have more clients like you and want to do business with you in the future.


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