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Verification of Social Security Number

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Karl Anderson conducts his meeting of creditors by asking the debtors to show their picture identification and proof of Social Security numbers. If the information is not provided, then the hearing will be continued to obtain the information. If the Debtor does not have his Social Security proof, the Trustee will conduct the hearing and ask the client the questions. Trustee Anderson will then continue the matter to another date. (Mr. Anderson usually does not have the date and time of his continued calendar, but sends the debtor and the attorney the new date and time of the next hearing.)

Many times the debtor will then either go home to retrieve his Social Security card or original W-2 form. The client can also go to the local Social Security office and obtain a verification of Social Security number. This form is a computer printout from the Social Security Administration and it is then stamped by the local office. The verification is sufficient to pass the Trustee’s requirement to check the Social Security number.

Mr. Anderson usually has hearings into the afternoon. If a debtor forgets his proof in the morning, he has time to obtain the proof and come back in the afternoon. This helps the debtor since he or she then does not have to come back on the continued date as the continued date is vacated.

Practice Pointer:

Remind your clients to bring their photo identification and proof of their Social Security number to the Trustee’s hearing known as the meeting of creditors. If your client does not have his Social Security Card or an original W-2, then ask the client to visit the local Social Security office to obtain a verification of Social Security number. This will save time and energy on the hearing date.


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