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Vacation and the Bankruptcy Attorney

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It is the beginning of August and I am sitting in Riverside Trustee Arturo Cisneros’ 341(a) hearings. As usual the trustee is his efficient self and we have plenty of time between the hourly calendars. (This helps my clients as they have forgotten their Social Security proof and now have to scamper back home to get the proof.)

As I sit here waiting, I realize that my vacation is around the corner and ponder the three reasons a bankruptcy attorney and staff should take a vacation.

1. Time to clear your head.

We bankruptcy attorneys work in a people business. We deal with people issues everyday and people’s lives are messy. Their lives and their problems tend to wear on us. We carry the weight of their situations with us even though we only intersect with their lives for a few months. Therefore it is important to take a break and de-compress.

It is important to take time away from our clients in order to clear our heads. I understand that at Disneyland the cast members have special places that they go to throughout the day away from the guests. They go there to de-compress and take time for themselves as they give great service to the guests when they are in the park. The people pleasing business is difficult so it is important to take time for yourself.

A vacation is the perfect time to re-charge your batteries away from your bankruptcy clients. Take the time to take the time away from your clients. Yes, that means not checking your cell phone every five minutes and leaving the work at the office. Your clients’ problems are such that they will still be there when you return.

2. Time to spend with your family.

The people who love and support you the rest of the year need your time and attention when you are on vacation. The time away from the office, is the time for your family to connect with you. They need this time. This is your vacation but it is also their vacation.

Take the time to be present with them. They have looked forward to this time with you, so do not spoil the vacation by checking in with the office or clients every day. The clients messy lives will still be there when you return.

Vacation is a time to re-connect with your spouse and family. Leave the problems at the office and make some memories with your family.

3.  Time to gather new experiences to “sharpen the saw”.

Stephen Covey said that down time was time to “sharpen the saw”. He said that the lumberjacks who spent all their time sawing a tree, did not cut faster than those lumberjacks that sawed for part of an hour and then spent time sharpening the saw. They cut faster because their saws were sharper.

Vacation is the time for you to “sharpen your saw”. This is a time to rest so that you can gain your edge when you return to the people business we know as a bankruptcy practice.

Practice Pointer: Take a vacation this Summer!

This is a great way to build your bankruptcy business.


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