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Trustee Lynda Bui Rules

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Chapter 7 Riverside Bankruptcy Trustee Lynda Bui has a salmon colored sheet that she asks all debtors to fill out before she conducts her meeting of creditors. In addition, she requires each client to read the U.S. Department of Justice’s information sheet. As of the Fall of 2013, the Riverside Division of the United States Trustee’s office prints this information sheet in white on a legal size piece of paper. The information sheet for the spanish speakers is still printed on green paper.

Trustee Bui also rewards the attorneys and debtors who send the tax returns to her on time. Those have have submitted timely tax returns are heard on the calendar hour, before those who did not furnish the tax returns timely. The debtors who submit taxes at the hearing are heard at the end of the hour. So it pays to send the taxes to Ms. Bui on time in order to gain a better spot on her calendar.

Trustee Bui also asks that those who owe domestic support obligations (Court Ordered Child Support or Spousal Support), to fill out and complete an orange colored sheet to list the name and address of the child support or spousal support claimants. In addition, the trustee asks for the case number of the family law action and the County that administers the support collection. The Trustee has to notify the claimant within a few days of the meeting of creditors, so the trustee and her staff are on the debtors to complete this form at the hearing.

Practice Pointer:

Please tell your clients to arrive early for Trustee Bui’s hearings as the paperwork she asks the clients to fill out takes about 10-15 minutes to read and complete. If your client has not completed the paperwork or read the information sheet, the client will be put at the end of the calendar. So in order to not to have to wait, arrive early. And if the client owes child support or spousal support, come prepared to fill out the Domestic Support Obligation with the claimant’s name and address.


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