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Trustee Grobstein’s continued hearings

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In previous posts we talked about how Riverside Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees schedule their continued cases. As the filings have gone down, the bankruptcy trustees are handling the downturn in different ways. The US Trustee has scheduled our chapter 7 trustees fewer times per month and there are no new cases scheduled for Fridays in Riverside.

Trustee Howard Grobstein now schedules his continued cases at the same time as new cases are assigned to him. For example the cases that were continued today February 24, 2015 were continued to April 14, 2015. The cases that were heard today at 800am, were continued to April 14, 2015 at 800am.

Today were had 36 cases scheduled for 800am with 12 of them as new cases. (The US Trustee in Riverside has limited the amount of new cases to 12 per hour for all chapter 7 trustees starting in January 2015.) Of the 24 continued cases, many were hearings in which no one had to appear. Those cases were either concluded or continued again for the continued investigation of the trustee.

Practice Pointer: If your case is continued from Chapter 7 Trustee Howard Grobstein’s calendar, be sure to call his assistant Wendi in Riverside the day BEFORE the scheduled continued hearing date. Mr. Grobstein and his staff are very efficient and will tell you whether they want an appearance or not. The last thing they want is for you and your client to come to the continued hearing when you or they do not have to appear. Call Wendi at Phone: (951) 234-0951.


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