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The 70″s Look

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Newsletter #22  Update your website photo

Next week, comedian Will Ferrell brings back his 1970’s character “Ron Burgundy” in the movie Anchorman 2. For those of you around in the 1970’s, “Ron Burgundy” nails the look from the wide labels and wide ties to the polyester bell bottoms and the big hair. Open any high school year book from 1979 and that is what you will see. I know because I was there.


What does this have to do with Building your Bankruptcy Business? When we look at photos from the past, the photos may have a dated look. We look at Will Ferrell’s “Ron Burgundy” and we think 1970’s. The same can be said when we look at websites. Websites have not been around for 30 years, but many do have a “dated look”.


Today we talk about refreshing the look of your website. If you are like me, your first website was a self done creation that used the standard templates and looks like everyone else’s. My first website did not have my picture and can be easily forgotten in time because it was a “first try”.

In later websites, I asked for help from professionals and the sites evolved with more modern themes. If you are not able to change your website look now, I suggest starting with your picture on your website.

In this Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram world, we are interested in seeing what people look like. When we want to meet someone, we “google” them to see a picture.

People form first impressions by the way you look.

The potential customer wants to see what does the attorney look like? Place a nice picture of yourself on your website. Not the night club shot, not your prom picture. Spend the money and go to a professional photographer that will show who you are today.

Some of our website pictures look like we are stuck with “Ron Burgundy” in the 1970’s.

Practice Pointer:

Update your picture on your website.

They are going to meet you sooner or later anyway.


Speaking of websites, my friend Brian Freeman, attorney and website designer has this thought for the day:

“First impressions count in life, and on the web. If a prospective client sees a website that looks like it was created in the 1990’s by a high school student, then you might lose business! Modern web design incorporates “Web 2.0″ features like social media, video, and is viewable on any device (iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablets, Computers, etc.). Prospective customers will have more trust if they see you are doing well on,, or other social media sites. Your website should bring together all of the best elements of web design today — ditch the dated website and keep up with the modern competition!”


You can contact Brian at

He designs modern websites with a special understanding of attorney web marketing.



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