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Thank Your People

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Newsletter #20

Take Time To Give Thanks To Your Clients, Your Staff, Your Suppliers and most importantly Your Family.

Every week we talk about ways to Build your Bankruptcy Business. Today we talk about the soft side of your business and thanking those that help you throughout the year.

#1 Give Thanks to Your Clients:

We forget about those who pay our bills. We take our clients for granted. We act as if we have a divine right to these people’s business, when in fact there is no right. We must earn our clients’ trust every time we work with them. Take a few minutes today to list your top five clients and send them a thank you note, telephone call, or email to say “thank you” for your business.

#2 Give Thanks to Your Staff:

These people are your team. Whether they be your assistant, your spouse or your Mother, day in and day out, they make you a success. Take time to thank them for their hard work and understanding. We also take our staff for granted. Now is the time to individually thank each one for what they do for you and your business.

#3 Give Thanks to Your Suppliers:

These are the people and businesses that keep you in business: Your banker, your CPA/Accountant/Bookkeeper, your forms printer, your insurance agent and your contacts at the local bar association. These people help you to become a success, even though you pay them. It is important to be on good terms with these people. It is a good thing to do. You will set yourself apart from other attorneys because suppliers never get thanked!

#4 Give Thanks to Your Family:

Spoiler alert! This is the most important paragraph in this Newsletter!

Your family are the people that see you at your best and they see you at your worst.

They work behind the scenes. We forget about what our families do for us and our businesses. This is a good time to say “thank you.”

Thank you! to my readers for supporting this newsletter. Without you there would be no newsletter . You keep me going and you encourage me. Please accept the Bonus Story below as a small token of my appreciation for you reading my newsletter every week.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Bonus Story: “Thank you, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes


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