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Take a vacation

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Take a vacation.

The day to day work of building your business can wear away at you and your spirit. Take time to take off away from your business. Yes, I said take time to get away from your business and the struggles to grow.

“Sharpen the saw” as author Stephen Covey says. Turn off the cell phone and unplug the computer. Go sit on the beach or take the family on an outing away from the hustle and bustle of your daily work.

When I was a new lawyer and had three small boys in the house, my wife said to me that she did not care about living in a large house or diving a fancy car, but she did want us to take a family vacation every year. At the time I was just starting out as a sole practitioner and we had little money to do anything and I had no one to help me in the business.

As a leap of faith though, I closed the business for a week, turned off the fax and told my clients that I was going away for a week. It took me two days to unwind and enjoy the vacation, but it was time well spent. I got to play with my boys and to connect with my wife. The rest of the week flew by and soon the vacation was over.

Yes, minor issues popped up and yes, I missed out on new business. But I went back to my office refreshed and in better shape to seek new business because my batteries were re-charged from the rest and relaxation with my family.

The next year we started saving a little each month to pay for the week away and the financial burden was not as high. We set the money aside before the trip, so the taking time off was now more guilt free. Yes, it was still a struggle to get away, but the benefits outweighed the drawbacks.

Now I am on my 18th vacation and can clearly see the benefits as those little boys are now young men. All the business that I missed in those 18 weeks away does not compare to the fond memories and good times we accumulated in those family vacations.

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Take a vacation.


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