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Statement of Related Bankruptcy Cases 1015 Statement

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Statement of Related Cases

Riverside Chapter 7 Trustee John Pringle

Mr. Pringle was a Chapter 7 Trustee in Los Angeles Trustee for many years. In the Los Angeles Division, the US Trustee asks the Trustees to make sure that all previous bankruptcy cases are listed in the petition. Mr. Pringle will continue cases if the 1015-2 Statement does not include all previous cases filed. Mr. Pringle will ask the attorney to amend the 1015-2 statement and send him a copy to make sure the amendment is completed.

Below is a copy of the first paragraph of the Central District of California form 1015-2.

This form is found on the court’s website  at F 1015-2.1.STMT.RELATED.CASES.

 1015-2 Statements


1. A petition under the Bankruptcy Act of 1898 or the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 has previously been filed by or against the debtor, his/her spouse, his or her current or former domestic partner, an affiliate of the debtor, any copartnership or joint venture of which debtor is or formerly was a general or limited partner, or member, or any corporation of which the debtor is a director, officer, or person in control, as follows: (Set forth the complete number and title of each such of prior proceeding, date filed, nature thereof, the Bankruptcy Judge and court to whom assigned, whether still pending and, if not, the disposition thereof. If none, so indicate. Also, list any real property included in Schedule A that was filed with any such prior proceeding(s).)


While page 2 of the petition asks for any cases filed within the last 8 years, the 1015-2 statements asks for any cases ever filed. There is no eight look back for the 1015-2 statement, it is any cases that has ever been filed. Mr. Barclay a former Riverside Trustee used to say that means all the way back the 1898 and the first Bankruptcy Act.: See below in the Official Form 1 where it only asks for the last 8 years.


B1 (Official Form 1) (04/13) Page 2

Voluntary Petition

(This page must be completed and filed in every case.)

Name of Debtor(s):

All Prior Bankruptcy Cases Filed Within Last 8 Years (If more than two, attach additional sheet.)

Location Where Filed:

Case Number:

Date Filed:

Practice Pointer:

Ask you client if they have ever filed a bankruptcy and list that information on the 1015-2 Statement. Even if the client does not know the case number, give as much information as possible to complete the form. Ex. “Case filed in Los Angeles in 1993, Case number unknown. Chapter 7 and Discharge received.”



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