Special Appearances

“Life Happens”

Your clients trusted you when they hired you. They trusted that you would use your knowledge and experience to take care of their Chapter 7 bankruptcy needs. They gave you their personal and financial information and you carefully drafted their petition and filed it with the court.

Then “life happened” and you cannot make it to Riverside on the day and time the Court scheduled the hearing.

An ex parte matter sprang up, or your daughter’s recital, or the flu hits, or the traffic is backed up  on the 91 freeway.  When “life happens”, who will you trust your clients to when you cannot make it to Riverside?

You will want someone that cares for your clients and your reputation as much as you do.

You will want someone with Chapter 7 bankruptcy experience who understands the way the Bankruptcy Trustees want their cases presented in the Inland Empire.

You will want someone that speaks the same language as the Bankruptcy Trustees and then can communicate to you and your staff what needs to be done in your bankruptcy case.

And because “life happens”, you do not want to pay someone an arm and a leg to stand in for you.

Then call me or my assistant Laura at (951) 780-1972.

All we do is represent attorneys like you in Riverside Chapter 7  341(a) meetings.

We have been doing this for over 14 years and now have a Blog about the Riverside Chapter 7 Trustees to help you and your staff learn from our experience.

Our job is to up hold your reputation.

I am at the hearings at 3801 University Ave., Riverside, CA 92501 (click here for my video on the this location–This would be a link to my other website http://www.bkmike.com), most everyday. Chances are you have seen me at the hearings representing other attorneys.

Call me and I will take care of your clients for you.

I charge $75 for the appearance and will email you a report or fax you a report within 24 hours.

Or if you want to be called, I will call you or your staff with the outcome.

“Life Happens”  Trust your clients to someone that will be there when you need him, someone that will take care of your clients and staff as you would, and someone that has the experience to help you when the tough calls come.

I am that person as I have helped hundreds of other attorneys and their staffs.

Call me or my assistant Laura at (951) 780-1972 when “life happens”.