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Riverside Chapter 7 Trustee: John Pringle

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Riverside Chapter 7 Trustee: John Pringle

John P. Pringle

6055 E. Washington Blvd. #500

Los Angeles, CA 90040 -2466

Phone: (323)724-3117


Mr. Pringle is a named partner in large law office.

Mr. Pringle also does Probate matters

He Was a Los Angeles Trustee and has been on assignment in

Riverside for over 2 years.

He has been a trustee in the Central District for over 30 years and is the longest serving trustee.

Usually takes a 5 minutes break between calendar hours.

Usually continues matters to 2:00pm on the day he is scheduled.

Must list prior BK on 1015 statement or the matter will be continued.

 Inside Info!

Mr. Pringle speaks spanish.



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