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Riverside Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Todd Frealy

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Riverside Chapter 7 Trustee Todd Frealy

Riverside Chapter 7 Trustee Todd Frealy’s firm has an office in the Los Angeles area and an office in Riverside. In the Los Angeles area office, there are other Chapter 7 Trustees in his firm. Trustee Todd Frealy was the first trustee in Riverside to adopt a questionnaire that is popular in the Los Angeles Division. Mr. Frealy asks that each Chapter 7 debtor or couple fill out the “white sheet” of questions prior to asking the questions for the hearing.


Practice Pointer #1 to assist you in front of Trustee Frealy

Arrive about 15 minutes early for your hearing as your client will have to answer the written questions, The written questions are 12-15 questions which may take a few minutes to fill out. Invariably the client will have a question or two for you on how to answer the questions. So take a few minutes to look over the questionnaire after you client fills out the sheet.

In addition, the arriving early will give your clients a few extra minutes to read the green information pamphlet or green sheet of paper called “Bankruptcy Information” provided by the Office of the United States Trustee.

Practice Pointer #2

If your client has not read the “Bankruptcy Information” provided by the Office of the United States Trustee before the hearing takes place, Mr. Frealy will not conduct the hearing and will ask you client to read the information sheet and then come back later on the calendar to conduct the hearing.

Practice Pointer #3

It might be a good idea to send this green sheet to the client ahead of time so that he or she can read it and be ready for the hearings.

When the client is called to the front, hand Mr. Frealy the white answer sheet along with the client’s drivers license and proof of Social Security number. This way the Trustee will have all the information he needs to conduct the hearing.


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