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Riverside Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee John Pringle

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Riverside Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee John Pringle

Marie is Mr. Pringle’s longtime assistant.

Marie used to work for the Court system and she has seen it all. Marie is a stickler for having the hearing room quiet when the hearings are taking place. As you may know, all US Trustee hearings are tape recorded. (Yes, even if your hearing was five years ago, you can ask for a copy of the tape to listen to the Meeting of Creditors from that day. In the olden days we received cassette tapes of the hearings, then later DVD’s and now the information can be sent to you as an audio file over the internet to your computer).

Chapter 7 Riverside Trustee John Pringle’s assistant Marie says that when the tapes or the DVD’s are reviewed, that the noise level is so high from background noise that the hearings cannot be heard. The recording equipment is so sophisticated that, even though the microphones are in front of the debtors, the recorder picks up other noises in the back of the room. Therefore, the hearing room has to be quiet or Marie will ask the offenders to leave the room.

Marie also asks that children wait outside of the room, so as not to affect the sound quality.  When the parents case is called, she will then go outside and invite the family inside.  Sometimes, she has that family go first  on the calendar.

Practice Pointer:

If you have to talk to your client at the Meeting of Creditors, go outside into the other room to have the conversation or Marie will ask you to leave. This is to preserve the sound quality of the recording for future investigation.

Another reason to speak outside is for “Attorney Client privilege”. The US Trustee’s analysts have told me that when they listen to the daily recordings, they can hear entire conversations from the back of the room. So when an attorney and client thought that they were being quiet discussing a sensitive matter, the tape recorder in the front of the room was listening and recording that conversation.



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