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Riverside Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Howard Grobstein

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Riverside Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

Howard Grobstein

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Howard Grobstein has much trustee experience even though he is one of our newer Chapter 7 Trustees in Riverside, California. Mr. Grobstein was a partner at a large CPA firm called Crowe Horwath. Howard Grobstein would stand in for other members of the firm who were Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Trustees in Los Angeles and act as the bankruptcy trustee in their cases.

So when Mr. Grobstein came to Riverside, he was an old hand in conducting bankruptcy Meetings of Creditors.

Mr. Grobstein recently left his old CPA firm of Crowe Horwath LLP and formed his owned firm with Joshua Teeple called Grobstein Teeple Financial Advisory Services.

Mr. Grobstein has extensive CPA experience in forensic accounting and has participated in many large scale investigations for bankruptcy and state court actions.

Howard Grobstein is a trustee that understands Chapter 11 bankruptcy and uses that knowledge with his Chapter 7 case load. Being a CPA, he speaks the language of business and knows what to ask for from your client.

Practice Pointer:

If you case involves a business or complex financial dealings, be prepared to answer the tough questions as Chapter 7 Riverside Bankruptcy Trustee Howard Grobstein will want all the information form your client as he conducts his investigation. You will not be able to provide “too much” information on your clients behalf.


Something that you probably do not know about Chapter 7 Trustee Howard Grobstein…

Trustee Grobstein is a big New York Giants football fan. His assistant, Wendy, who usually attends the hearings with Mr. Grobstein, is partial to the Dallas Cowboys, so at least twice a season they go back and forth on which team is better. The Giants and the Cowboys are in the same division so they play twice a season and the winning team’s fan is not afraid to remind the loser about the outcome.



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