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Remind People That You Do Bankruptcy Law

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Remind those in your network about what you do.



Last week we talked about ways to build your clientele. We talked about referring clients that you cannot help to other attorneys. We do this to build goodwill in both the other attorney and in the client. We discussed meeting new lawyers and creating a network of lawyers that we can refer people to when we cannot help someone. The thought being that if you refer someone to another attorney, then perhaps he will refer someone to you down the road. We talked about meeting attorneys at the bar association and techniques to build on those relationships.


Today we talk about reminding those in your network on what you do.



Recently someone I had not seen in months said to me:

“What are you doing these days?” “ I help people with bankruptcy law”

“Oh,I wish I would have known you did bankruptcy, I just referred my brother to the Big Law down the street.”

Have you had that conversation? My friend did not remember, because I did not remind him. I lost the potential client, because I did not keep in touch.

Today we discuss two ways to stay in touch, but not annoy those in your network.

Learn something about the person as a human being.

What does this person like to do in her spare time? Is she a dog lover? is she a cat lover? Or does she raise pot belly pigs? These little known facts will go a long distance in cementing your relationship.

Maybe once every two months send an article you found from pot belly pig illustrated to your friend. “I saw this article on Pot Belly Pigs and remembered you had one named Homer.” Best wishes, Mike Gouveia, Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer.”

“Hey Bill, did you see this video on British Bulldogs? I saw it an thought of you and your dog Blackie. Here is the link. Best wishes, Mike Gouveia, Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer”

“Hi Terri, I saw this cake with the San Diego Padres logo on it. I thought of you and your team. Best wishes, Mike Gouveia Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer”.

These short pieces create conversations because you know enough about the individual to send something he likes. This will set you apart from the crowd.

Comment on Something in Newspaper or Social Media

Recently I saw an acquaintance mentioned in a newspaper article. He was quoted and gave some info to the reporter. I saw the article and sent my acquaintance a short note to congratulate him. I commented on what he said and wished him well. It was a short way to keep in touch.

While I am a dinosaur in the social media world, this is also an opportunity to touch base with people in your network. Most people will send note through Facebook or Linkedin. In order to stand apart, send a written note as few people receive hand written notes anymore. The extra effort is remembered.

These are two ways to grow your business while reminding people that you are still around and available.


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