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No More Verification of Social Security Numbers

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Today is the day after Christmas and Bankruptcy Trustee Robert Whitmore told us that the Social Security Administration in our area will no longer be issuing “verification of Social Security” numbers. Trustee Whitmore said he sent someone to the Riverside Social Security office to get a “verification” and the person was sent back saying teh office no longer provides such a “verification”.

This will pose a huge problem for our clients as many times in the last eight years the clients have arrived at the hearings without their Social Security proof and I have sent them to the local Social Security office to get a “same day” verification. That piece of paper allowed the debtor to have the meeting of creditors handled on the same day.

Now with the local offices not issuing the Social Security verifications, the debtors will have to apply for a new card if they go to the Social Security office which will take four to six weeks to arrive.

Practice Pointer:

The implication of the non-verification is that your clients will have to come to the hearing with valid proof of Social Security Number. The valid proof can include:

Original Social Security Card.

Letter from Social Security Administration with the full Social Security Number on it.

The letter must be an original letter.

Original letter from the IRS or other governmental agency with the full number on it.

An original W-2 or 1099 with the full Social Security number on it.

In California the unemployment compensation pay stub also has the full Social Security number

Practice Pointer Number 2.

The Social Security number cannot be proved by the tax return itself. Even though the tax return has the Social Security  number on almost every page, it does not count as official proof of the number. The thought is that the number is provided by the debtor himself and not verified by a governmental agency.




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