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New Schedule J

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Riverside Bankruptcy Trustee Steven Speier reviews all the schedules prior to conducting his hearings. As of December 1, 2013, The Court has a new mandatory Schedule I and J. In a previous post we discussed the new Schedule I (December 4, 2013 with Trustee Bui) and today we talk about the new Schedule J.

According to the Court’s website (Eastern District of Virginia):

“Schedule J Only:

A.  New lines 1, 2, and 3 on revised Schedule J request information about the debtor’s household.  Line 1 requires joint debtors who maintain separate households to file separate Schedule J forms.  A check box has been added to the caption to identify such filings.  Line 2 requires information about each dependent.

B.  If Debtor 2 (also known as the joint debtor) maintains a separate household, s/he will be required to file a separate Official Form B6J (Schedule J: Your Expenses) and check the appropriate box on the revised Schedule J form.  When the box is checked, attorney filers should follow the form instructions and ensure that total expenses on Official Form B6 — Summary of Schedules and Official Form B6J for Debtor 1 include the amounts for both Debtor 1 and Debtor 2.  Debtor 2′s Schedule J form should be included with the petition when schedules are filed.  Note:  NO new CM/ECF dictionary event code is required.”

The new Schedule J can be found at the Court’s website at:

The New Instructions can be found at

Here is an example of what you will find in the Instructions:

“Do not include expenses that other members of your

household pay directly from their income if you did not

include that income on Schedule I. For example, if you

have a roommate and you divide the rent and utilities and

you have not listed your roommate’s contribution to

household expenses in line 11 of Schedule I, you would

list only your share of these expenses on Schedule J.”

Practice Pointer:

Review the new instructions for New Schedule J as they may help you with Chapter 7 and US Trustee’s inquiries.  Take time to review the new Schedule J as it is much different than before.



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