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New Schedule I

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Chapter 7 Trustee Lynda Bui in Riverside is tasked with reviewing the petition, schedules and bankruptcy document. Trustee Bui and all the Chapter 7 Trustees pay particular attend to Schedules I & J. Schedule I shows the debtor’s income and Schedule J shows the debtors expenses.

As of December 1, 2013, the Court has new mandatory form Schedules I and New Schedule J.

The new Schedule I is known as “Official Form B 6I” and can be found on the courts website.

The Following is the Instructions for the new form

Part of the instructions:

“How to fill out Schedule I

In Schedule I: Your Income (Official Form 6I), you will give the details about your employment and monthly income as of the date you file this form. If you are married and your spouse is living with you, include information about your spouse even if your spouse is not filing with you. If you are separated and your spouse is not filing with you, do not include information about your spouse.”


“In Part 2, line 11, fill in amounts that other people provide to

pay the expenses you list on Schedule J: Your Expenses. For

example, if you and a person to whom you are not married

pay all household expenses together and you list all your joint

household expenses on Schedule J, you must list the amounts

that person contributes monthly to pay the household

expenses on line 11. If you have a roommate and you divide

the rent and utilities, do not list the amounts your roommate

pays on line 11 if you have listed only your share of those

expenses on Schedule J. Do not list on line 11 contributions

that you already disclosed elsewhere on the form.”

Practice Pointer:

Check your software to ensure the latest version is being used to take into account the new Schedule I  as it went into effect on December 1, 2013. Also look at the instructions for Schedule I as these may help you in a potential challenge by the the Trustee or US Trustee


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