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Mr. Grobstein’s Yellow Laminated Spanish Instructions

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The other day on Mr. Grobstein’s calendar he had  case in which the debtors had to have a spanish translator. As we have mentioned in this blog before, the translator is provided free of charge by the United States Trustee. If you client needs a translator, just ask the trustee before your client’s hearing starts and he or she will call a translator for the your client. This service is provided by all the bankruptcy trustees in our Division.

What is special about Mr. Grobstien’s calendar is that this trustee has a yellow laminated piece of paper that provides Mr. Grobtsein introductory speech transcribed in Spanish. This allow your spanish speaking clients to follow along with Mr. Grobstein as he explains his role and the bankruptcy process.

Practice Pointer: When your client needs a translator on Mr. Grobstein’s calendar, ask his assistant Wendi for a copy of the yellow laminated paper guidelines to show to your client on Mr. Grobstein’s introductory speech. Be sure to have your client give the laminated paper back to Wendi so other people may use it.

Another function of Mr. Grobstein’s office is that he invites attorneys to call his office the day before a continued hearing to see if the matter is still on calendar. So if your case is continued with Mr. Grobstein on June 9, call Wendi on June 8 to make sure an appearance is still needed.

Practice Pointer #2: If your case is continued by Mr. Grobstein, Note the dat of the continuance and call the day BEFORE the hearing. If you call a week before, the calendar may not be updated. So call the day before to make sure you and your client do not have to make a special trip to Riverside.


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