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Goodbye Nina, Hello Bianca: Trustee Larry Simons

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Goodbye Nina, Hello Bianca

Riverside Chapter 7 Trustee Larry Simon’s Riverside assistant Nina is moving on to other opportunities. Today, September 6, 2013 was her last day. Nina has been with Mr. Simons since he opened his office in Riverside as a Trustee. She has always been a steady presence in the hearings assisting the Trustee and keeping watch over the Simon’s questionnaire and handing out the Simon’s Document Requested carbon copies that the Trustee gives to debtors as a reminder of what needs to be done in the case (See below)  and keeping track of the pens!

Good luck Nina, it has been a pleasure working with you and may good things and good times come to you in journey. We will miss you here in Riverside.

Hello Bianca! This morning at Mr. Simons’ hearings, he introduced us to his new Riverside assistant named Bianca. Bianca had experience in a local bankruptcy firm and now will be assuming Nina’s duties. Welcome Bianca, we look forward to working with you in the future. Bianca’s telephone number is 951-686-6300 x 400.

Documents Requested form

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Larry Simons has a unique way to ask for further information in his cases. At the hearing, when Trustee Simons asks for further information from the debtor or ask for an amendment, he then gives the Debtor or the attorney a written request for the information. This “Documents Requested” form is prepared by his assistant (Nina and now Bianca) at the hearing. This handy form gives exactly what needs to be done in the case and where and when to return the forms to the trustee.

Practice Pointer:

When your case is continued from Trustee Simons’ calendar, keep the white carbon copy of the “Documents Requested” sheet as a road map of what needs to be done to satisfy the Trustees request.



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