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Electronic Document Delivery System

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I asked Chapter 7 Riverside Trustee Todd Frealy what he would like my blog readers to know. He said that he would like his debtors and their attorneys to use the electronic document delivery system to send him documents. Mr. Frealy uses the “Epic” system. Some of the other Chapter 7 Trustees in Riverside also use this system, but not all Riverside Trustee use the system.

While Mr. Frealy as the Chapter 7 Trustee cannot receive tax returns by regular email due to privacy concerns. (In a regular email system, the tax return with social security information remains on the trustee’s computer servers and could be compromised.) However if the documents are sent via the secured service provided by “Epic” then the privacy concerns re: social security number are addressed.

Mr. Todd Frealy said that this systems should save Debtor’s attorneys money in that they then do not have to mail the tax returns by US Mail and should save them time since it only has to done once in the sysytem. In addition, when the document is sent to the Trustee, the sender receives an email receipt that the document has been received by the trustee. This allows the debtor’s attorney to have evidence that the document was received should there be a question at the meeting of creditors.

If Mr. Frealy has the document in his system then it makes it easier for his staff to review the taxes prior to the hearing and then to dispose of the document in a secured method through the “Epic” system.

Practice Pointer:

If your trustee is Mr. Frealy, he suggests that you send him an email with your email address. Then his staff will send you a link to the “Epic” system to join the system. Once on the system, you can then upload the tax returns of your clients to the trustee.


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