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Efficiency and Best Case Bankruptcy Software

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 Building Your Bankruptcy Business through Best Case Software

Your bankruptcy business will grow through your marketing efforts and how efficiently you run your business.

Marketing allows you to bring in the clients, but working with clients efficiently will allow you to make more money from each client.

Most of us charge our clients a flat fee to prepare and file a bankruptcy petition with the court. Therefore it is important to work up the petition as quickly and accurately as possible.

The less attorney and staff person time that is spent on the petition, the more time we can help other clients.

The easiest way to work efficiently in petition preparation is to use Best Case software to process the paperwork your client submits to you.

I have been using Best Case in my office for almost ten years as it is the most efficient, current and fastest software on the market. Here are three reasons I use BestCase in my office.


In some bankruptcy software systems, the data entry person has to enter the address of the creditor in at least two different areas of the schedules and the creditor’s matrix.

This double entry takes extra time for the data entry person to perform. This takes wasted time and effort.

In Best Case bankruptcy software, the relevant fields are populated by the software.

When a creditor’s address is typed into schedule “F”, the creditor’s address also appears in the mailing matrix. This save time and energy for the staff person to enter.

(Another feature Best Case Software has is that the entire credit bureau report can be downloaded from the credit bureaus and little manual entry is need for the creditor entry. This increases a significant time saving. The service is provided through CIN. It cost more, but it is worth the minimal expense in time savings.

Since most consumer cases are done a flat attorney fee, any saving in time or effort means the law office gets to keep a greater portion of the attorney fee.

Current Updates

When I was a younger lawyer, a Judge told me that when he was in private practice, his secretary gave him a piece of advice. She said that if they ever had to do an amendment on a case, that the law office then made no money on the case.

The flat fee was such that it only covered the original case. Any subsequent work could not be recouped from the client for the amount of work to be done and the amount that could be charged for an amendment.

I mention this anecdote to show that when you do an amendment to your petition, you lose money on the transaction.

One common amendment that is needed is when we used old out dated forms or petitions. When an out dated form is filed with the bankruptcy court, the bankruptcy court clerk issues a deficiency notice in the case.

In the Central District of California, the debtor has 14 days to cure the deficiency or the case is dismissed. If the form is not corrected by amendment, then the case will be dismissed.

Another feature of the Best Case software is the constant up dates that are sent to subscribers to the software package. This prevents the need to continually check with the bankruptcy court on new forms.

The software updates and keeps the forms up to date. This increases efficiency by preventing the need to file amendments due to old forms being used.

One Touch Filings

Another feature that Best Case has is the filing of the petition with the Bankruptcy Court with one touch. Rather than filing many separate documents, Best Case groups all the forms together and by touching one key, the entire petition is filed in one instant.

This beats the old system of standing in line at the court and wasting hours as the intake clerks enter each page of the petition page by page through scanning the documents. Or by filing each document separately over the internet.

So for these reasons, Best Case software is efficient, current and fast. This saves your office time and money so that you can focus your energy on gaining new clients.


This feature all frees up attorney and staff time and makes you office more efficient. The more efficient you are, the more clients you can help.



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