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Continued Meetings of Creditors in Riverside

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From time to time a meeting of creditors for bankruptcy examinations must be continued for various reason: either the debtor did not appear or the attorney did not appear or the trustee wants more information or the United States Trustee wants more time to complete it investigation.

If the Trustee continues a matter, he or she must comply with the rules in the “Chapter 7 Trustee’s Handbook” issued by the United States Trustee. The following is from the handbook:

“Any continued or rescheduled meeting should be held before the time for objection to discharge has expired, unless the trustee has obtained an extension of time to object to the debtor’s discharge. The debtor should not receive a discharge unless the debtor has been examined at the meeting of creditors.”

A Riverside Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Trustee like Karl Anderson has certain duties he must comply with in order to continue a hearing.  The continued hearing is then noticed to the debtor and the debtor’s attorney and a document of continued date and time is filed with the court.

Practice Pointer: If your client’s bankruptcy case is continued for whatever reason, it is a good idea to contact the Chapter 7 Trustee to see if the continued hearing will be held. Sometimes the hearing is continued and then taken off calendar as all the information is received. So if Karl Anderson continues your case, call his office a few days before the continued date to find out if in fact your client has to appear again.


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