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Chapter 7 Riverside Trustee: Robert Whitmore

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Robert S. Whitmore 
3600 Lime Street, Suite 616
Riverside, CA 92501
Phone: (951)276-9292 

He asks 15 questions of each debtor, so it is not unusual to run and hour to two hours behind on his calendars.

Inside Information:

Since Mr. Whitmore gets behind, he does not take a lunch nor does he take any breaks for the whole day!

He will not do the hearing if the Debtor does not have the Social Security Proof

Professional Trustee, does not have outside job.

Does not use email or fax.

Believes in the regular mail.

Sometimes answers his own phone!

Two sets of educational requirements to complete

Case closed without a discharge.


Discharge does not stop investigation.

Mr. Whitmore reads everything sent to him and spends several hours making notes on each case in anticipation of the hearings.

The two year residency rule—have to use the exemptions from the former State

All names on driver’s license and social security and taxes must be listed as AKA’s on petition—or the hearing will be continued for the amendment to be made and the creditors to be notified.

Mr. Whitmore checks every ID personally.

He asks about non-filing spouses and income of non-filing spouses and assets and debts of non-filing spouses.



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