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Chapter 7 Riverside Trustee: Steven Speier

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Chapter  7  Riverside Trustee Steven Speier:

Trustee Speier is a Real Estate Agent

Trustee Speier is a CPA by trade, however he has extensive real estate experience as he has been a receiver for many years. Mr. Speier is also a license real estate agent and helps other trustees sell their real properties.

Practice pointer:

When you have Mr. Speier as a Trustee, review the real property values listed in your petition to make sure they are current values. One way to get an “estimate” on such a real estate value is to go to and plug in the house address under “what is my house worth?” The value given by the website will give you an idea as to what the property worth, but it will not be exact. is a starting point for the analysis.

Since Mr. Speier is a real estate agent, he sometimes goes to the properties himself to determine an appraisal. As house prices start to increase again, it is important for you and your client to know what their real estate is worth. If you do not know what the house is worth, Mr. Speier will know, so be prepared.


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