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Chapter 7 Riverside Trustee: Lynda Bui

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Arlin is Ms. Bui’s assistant at the hearings.

Ms. Bui is an associate at Shulman, Hodges and Bastian, LLP

At the hearings, she has the clients fill out the following:

Salmon colored sheet

White sheet re: mortgage

Possible Spousal waiver.

Ms. Bui does short sales on distressed properties . Currently she is the only trustee in the Riverside Division that does Short sales. She has an agreement with brokers that will contact the lenders and negotiate a short sale. From that short sale, she will have an agreement with the lender to pay the bankruptcy estate some money to the creditors. This position is not shared by other trustees, but she seems to have had some success, so she asks the debtors in these properties to fill out a special white sheet to allow her agents to investigate.

The Salmon colored sheet has about 15 questions. The white sheet is filled out if the client owns real property and is behind the payments.

Debtors have to fill out the salmon colored sheet prior to being examined and also to read the green handout. If these are not done, she will not conduct the hearing.


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