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Chapter 7 Riverside Trustee: Helen Frazer

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Chapter 7 Riverside Trustee Helen Frazer

Ms. Frazer is a California Certified Bankruptcy Specialist.

For those of you in Los Angeles, Ms. Frazer may be familiar to you. Ms. Frazer was a longtime Los Angeles Trustee and now is on the Riverside Panel.

Her assistant’s name is Mary.

Inside Scoop:

Ms. Frazer constructs her calendar by the case number. So those of you with the last name starting with “W” are not forced to live at the bottom of the calendar. She also schedules her continued cases for the same hour the matter was heard at the first hearing. She does not use a separate calendar for her continued cases as she works them in on future calendars.

Practice Pointer:

The continued hearings for a particular calendar are scheduled first in the hour, so do not be late when your client has a continued hearing.

In August 2013, she will be in Riverside three out of the four Fridays.



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