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Chapter 7 Riverside Bankruptcy Trustee: Lynda Bui

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Chapter 7  Trustee Lynda T. Bui

Lynda T. Bui

3750 University Avenue

Suite 670

Riverside, CA 92501

Phone: (949) 340-3400

Fax: (949) 340-3000

Ms. Bui is a Partner at Shulman, Hodges and Bastian, LLP

At the Meeting of Creditors, Trustee Lynda Bui asks the clients to fill out several pieces of paper. One document that is unique to Ms. Bui is the white paper called “Bankruptcy Short Sale Solutions”. This form is asked of Debtors that are surrendering their homes.

Trustee Bui, in certain situations will “short sale” the debtor’s residence and take a “carve out” from the lender to pay to creditors of the estate.


Below is the text of the questions asked in the form:

Is your mortgage current?

Do you intend to retain or surrender the property?

If retaining, how do you plan on having the funds to pay the mortgage, and/or bring the loan current if behind?

When was the last payment made?

Have you received notice of foreclosure or default by bank, lender or an attorney?

Have you applied for loan modification?

Has the Lender approved the loan modification?

If yes, provide Trustee Lynda T. Bui with written proof of loan modification acceptance from the bank/lender as soon as possible.


……Next Time I will show you the rest of the questions.



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