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best payday loans Changes at the Riverside Bankruptcy Hearings

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Riverside Bankruptcy Trustee Todd Frealy no longer has the debtors fill out a written questionnaire prior to examining the debtor at the creditors meetings. He still requires the Debtors to read the green information sheet before he examines them. If the Debtor has not read the green sheet, then the debtor will not be examined and his matter is trailed on the calendar. funds supply

Practice pointer: Some attorneys routinely send their clients the US Department of Justice sheet “that provides general information about what happens in a bankruptcy case” before the hearing. This green colored sheet is available at the hearing rooms in Riverside at 3801 University Ave, Rooms 101, 102 and 103 in Riverside, CA. The rooms are generally open from 800am to noon on Monday Through Friday (but see below for information in the New Year.)

Second Practice Pointer:

The Bankruptcy information sheet can also be found on the US Trustee’s website: In addition, the website has the questionnaire in several other language for the debtors to read. It does not hurt to have the client at least see this sheet before the hearing as it will help them at the hearing. They will be undoubtably nervous at the hearing, so anything that you can do to alleviate their anxiety, will benefit your client. When the Trustee announces that the clients have to read the Bankruptcy Information sheet at the hearing, those that have read it will be ahead. They will feel that you prepared them better than those that do not know about this requirement.

The Riverside Bankruptcy Trustees will have Fridays off in 2015.

As the economy starts to improve, there are less cases being filed in the bankruptcy court. As a sign of the times, The United States Trustee is scheduling less hearing days for the Trustees to come to Riverside. Starting in January 2015, the Chapter 7 trustees like Todd Frealy will only be coming to Riverside 4 days a week. You will start to notice that we do not have hearings on Fridays as the Trustees are only being scheduled four days a week.

This means that Monday through Thursday, the calendars will be longer. Now most trustee rarely go into the afternoon, in January the calendars will start to go into the afternoon. The meaning for us debtors attorneys is that the days will be longer at the hearing rooms. in order to accommodate that day off each week. In addition, more Trustees will put their continued calendars at the end of their regular calendars. Currently Riverside Trustees Pringle, Bui and Frealy put their continued hearings in the afternoon. Now Trustees Anderson and Whitmore have started that trend which makes for a long day for them. Riverside Bankruptcy Trustees Cisneros, Frealy, Grobstein and Frazer placed their continued calendars in the mornings along with the regular calendars.

The Practice Pointer: Less hearings on Friday in Riverside bankruptcy and longer days during the week in order to gain that day off.  As you know that hearings will not be scheduled on Friday, take the time to build your business. Meet new people and meet other attorneys to build up your business.


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