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Build your Bankruptcy Practice Newsletter #4

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Build your Bankruptcy Business Newsletter

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Welcome to the Fourth installment of my new free weekly short newsletter to give you tips, tools and techniques on how to build your bankruptcy practice.

More reasons to contact old clients.

Last week I wrote about contacting prior clients by sending them information of the laws about when a person can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy again.

This week I mention some reasons to re-open the conversation with an old client.

Practice Pointer:

The California Rules of Professional Responsibility prohibit solicitation of new clients, however an attorney is not prohibited from contacting a “former client”.

1.) Develop a “Frequently Asked Questions” flier that can be mailed to the former client;

2.) Mention a new area of law that you do in addition to bankruptcy; or

3.) Just ask them what has happened to them since last they spoke? This could be material for a great testimonial!

Contact those former clients!





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