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Build your Bankruptcy Business Newsletter #5

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What if I did not have clients from before 2005?

Last week I wrote about contacting prior clients who may be eligible to file Chapter 7 again.

What if you are new to the practice and do not have clients that you filed bankruptcy cases for before 2005?

Practice Pointer:

The California Rules of Professional Responsibility prohibit solicitation of new clients, unless the contact is protected by the First Amendment, like and advertisement. The problem is to contact potential new clients without over stepping the ethical bounds.

Provide an educational experience. With the internet we can reach far more people at one time than we could before. In another era, when I wanted to educate the public on a matter, I would speak to a gathering and give information. Or I would write an article for in the local newspaper or bar journal.

Now I have the internet at my disposal and can write about or video myself on anything. Before it was all about me, my qualifications, my skills and my knowledge. Now it is about the client’s needs, wants and pain.

The trick is to educate, write or video, about an issue or problem the audience may be having. Speak to their needs and not your needs. If you are spending all of your time tooting your own horn rather than exploring the audience’s need, you are not educating, you are selling and you will get left behind.

How can we educate and solve the audience or potential client’s problem? Start by asking what problems your client’s have and what you as the attorney can do to help solve those problem. You might be surprised with the answers.

These answers will serve as the building blocks of the educational pieces you can write about or video on to help your client based succeed.



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