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Build your Bankruptcy Business Newsletter #3

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Build your Bankruptcy Business Newsletter #3

How to contact old clients?

Last week I wrote about contacting prior clients who filed before the Bankruptcy Law changed in 2005, to remind tell them that the “eight year” prohibition against filing another Chapter 7 runs eight years after they filed their first case (11 U.S.C. 727 (a)(8).


We talked about the Cal. Rules of Professional Responsibility Rule 1-400 and the ban against solicitation, which does not apply to former clients.

Some have asked, how do I contact someone that I have not talked to in eight years?

 Practice Pointer:

The California Rules of Professional Responsibility prohibits solicitation of new clients, however an attorney is not prohibited from contacting a “former client”.

“A solicitation to a former or present client in the discharge of a member’s or law firm’s professional duties is not prohibited.” Rule 1-400 (C)

 If you have former clients that filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy before the law changed, a short informational piece on the law might be a nice ice breaker. Perhaps if you have moved in the last eight years that is another way to contact those people and to give them your address.



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