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Bankruptcy Trustees and Internet Searches

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The other day on the Chapter 7 Trustee Howard Grobstein, the United States Trustee’s representative asked a debtor about a house that he may have owned.

Debtor said that he used to own the property but he transferred it. The UST rep. said she searched on the public data bases and that he was still the owner. This house was not listed in the petition. Trustee Grobstein then asked for more information on this transfer.

Later in the hearing, Trustee asked if the debtor owned any businesses? Debtor said “no”. Trustee asked again being more specific and debtor said “no” again.

Then the trustee said that he searched the internet and the Debtor was linked in several places to a certain business with his picture depicting him as the “owner”.

The Debtor said he was not the owner. Trustee continued the matter to gain more information.

I post this information to highlight that both the United States Trustee and the Interim Trustees will use the internet to further their investigations. If there is something on the world wide web about your client, it will come up if someone looks.

Practice Pointer: Do an internet search of your client before you file to make sure that you have all the information in the case.


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