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Bankruptcy Marketing to Former Clients

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 How do you market to someone who cannot file another bankruptcy case for eight years?

Bankruptcy Law has the unique feature where the client cannot purchase another chapter 7 case for eight years under 11 U.S.C. 727. While this provision is a good thing for society, it is not a good thing for bankruptcy lawyers and their marketing efforts.

The time, effort and expense marketing to your clients cannot be regained easily after they have completed their chapter 7 case. When they walk out the door after the discharge, they are not able to purchase another chapter 7 from you, even though they know and like you. The Bankruptcy Code prohibits them.

The Bankruptcy Code though does not prohibit them from retaining you for other legal services. These former clients are a goldmine for other services that you may offer.

Most bankruptcy attorneys forget about their former clients and seek to search for new clients to fill the marketing pipeline. However these former clients may not be aware of the other things that your law office does.

When a client comes to your office to file a bankruptcy, the client only looks at you through the “bankruptcy lens”. You may have literature that you do family law or wills and trust, but the client only thinks of you as a bankruptcy lawyer. The client only thinks of you as a bankruptcy.

Once the heat of the bankruptcy filing is finished and the client can breathe easily, then the client is more receptive to the other things that you do in addition to filing bankruptcy cases.

Bankruptcy Marketing Opportunity: After the case is filed with the Bankruptcy Court, send a letter to the client informing her of the other things that your office does. If you do family law or wills and trusts, now is a time. She no longer has the creditors harassing her and she can think of your office in a different way.

Then reinforce the message by telling her again after the meeting of creditors. For most people the 341 meeting is the psychological finish of the their bankruptcy case. This is the time that she may be receptive to learning more about your services. Then remind her again about the other things you do after the case has been discharged.

If you have laid the ground work through the bankruptcy case, then your client will be more inclined to use your services after bankruptcy.

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