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Bankruptcy Marketing: More Marketing to former clients

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Last week we talked about marketing to your former bankruptcy clients as a way to increase the referrals you receive for your bankruptcy  practice. We talked about asking for a referral just before the 341(a) meeting of creditors as the client will be in a frame of mind to listen to what you have to say. She wants the process to go smoothly, so she is in attention mode.  The following are other times to ask for referrals:

2.  Ask your client after the 341(a) meeting of creditors is over, if she knows anyone at work that could benefit from talking to you. Do this at the 341(a) meting room since the weight is lifted off her shoulders when she finishes the hearing. You have done your job and she has received value for her time and money. You are a hero and she will not think any better of you and your staff at this point. If you wait to ask her, the shine of the moment diminishes and her life starts to set back in.

3.  Ask your client for referrals when she receives her discharge papaers in teh mail. This event will show the world that she is no longer liable for her discharged debts. This is a big day if her case and this is a great time to remind her about what you all went through to prepare the case and obtain the discharge. She understand the process and procedure and now she can make for a testimonial as to you and your staff’s ability. Take the time to reach out to her and ask for referrals.

If you follow these three tips, you will gain more referrals from the people that know you best your former clients. So take the time to market to them.

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