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Bankruptcy Marketing for Introverts

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Have you been at a networking event and watched the extroverted people go from person to person without a care in the world. Then we introverted person are dying inside because we hate being as such events. So what are we introverts to do to market our bankruptcy practices?

Last month I went to a bankruptcy seminar and sat next to a young bankruptcy attorney. I asked her what she did to promote her office. She said that she was an introvert and found it difficult to mix at networking events. She avoided those events because she did not know what to say to new people. I empathized with her as I had difficulty as well. Then she said something that was an insight to me. She said that she had problems in crowds, but she found that her clients liked her.

This young attorney connected with her clients on a one to one basis. She related well to them and they liked her for that. Her strength in marketing is one to one instead of the masses. The insight I gained was that if she could get the people into her office, then she was much more effective than the extrovert who bounced off the wall.

The challenge for us introverts is to break through and interact with potential clients on a one to one basis. We have to show the qualities that make us so good in personal situations: the listening and empathizing and care we give to out clients. We dod not have to act like extraverts, we have to show our qualities to people looking for a bankruptcy attorney.

One way we can do this is by having other people give us testimonials on the qualities we want to highlight. These can be gained from our current and past clients. These are the people we have connected to particularly well. Let your client shout your praises on the attributes that would attract other people that want someone who can listen and care for them.

The Bankruptcy Marketing Opportunity is to highlight the skills that introverts shine in on an interpersonal level. If you feel uncomfortable extolling your virtues, call upon your satisfied clients to help you get out the word.


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