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Bankruptcy Marketing and Following Up

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A potential client calls you and schedules an appointment. You and he conduct an informational interview. He says that he will think about the issues and then he leaves.

What do you do then?

Most bankruptcy attorneys end the discussion right there and do not follow up. The attorney goes on to the next client and forgets about the one he just spoke to. Here are three tips to help your bankruptcy marketing efforts and to help you follow up with a potential client.

1. Schedule a follow up telephone call or email in a few days.

If you do not schedule this telephone call or email, it will not get done. Life moves on and people forget. As you end the initial interview, note on the intake sheet their telephone number or email. Then next to the note write a follow up date to contact them. I suggest within a week. Then put that date in your appointment book or on your smartphone. If you schedule it, it will get done.

2. Make the call!

Good intentions will not get the job done. When the date appears, make the call. You never know what is going on in your potential client’s mind. Just because other people have not responded to a follow up phone call, does not mean that this person will not respond.

What have you got to lose? It could be that your potential client is just procrastinating and needs that nudge by you to start the process. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Make the effort and you may be rewarded.

“Hi Ms. Prospective Client, This is Mike from the law office. We spoke on Thursday. Just wanted to call you to see how you are doing as you make your decision. We spoke on Thursday and I am available to help you as you go forward.”

Make the call or write the email. What have you got to lose?

3.  One more contact next month

There is a saying in selling real estate that a buyer will purchase a house within 18 months after they contact the first realtor. One way or another, the person will buy a house within a year and a half. Keep this in mind when a client comes to your office. If he does not sign up with you, he will sign up with someone else very soon.

 Practice Pointer:  Make the effort to call or email one more time. The time and effort you expend may be just enough to land a new client. In this competitive world of bankruptcy marketing, take the initiative to follow up.

In January 2014 the following letter was auctioned off for $26,000. The letter was a “follow up “ by North Carolina Basketball coach Dean Smith to high school star Michael Jordan in 1980. This is a great follow up letter:

Dear Michael,

Our staff surely enjoyed visiting with you and your family there at your beautiful home. It was a delightful evening and one which we were able to use to get to know you better. Hopefully you felt more comfortable with us and that you will consider the University of North Carolina for your college education.

If there are any questions which came up following our departure, please give me a collect call and I will be happy to discuss them with you. Otherwise we may give you a follow-up call before too long just to touch base.

We do think you are a tremendous young man and are impressed not only with your obvious basketball talent but the way you have been a leader at school and done well academically. We look forward to following you closely this year and hope to see you frequently in Chapel Hill.

I am writing your parents separately since they were so very hospitable to us. Enjoyed seeing you, Michael, and hope that beginning in September 1981 I can be your coach.

Most sincerely,

Dean E. Smith

Dated: Aug. 12, 1980


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