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How often to do you contact your clients after they receive their bankruptcy discharge?

As we have talked about before, an exit interview is a good idea to help your clients understand the bankruptcy process. It is also a good time to cross sell your other services. Your client came to you with a bankruptcy issue. In their mind you only do bankruptcy because that is what you helped them with.

If your practice has other areas, this is the time to tell them what else you do. If you practice family law or estate planning, then this is the time to educate your clients about these other areas of the law that you do.

This is also the time to ask your clients for referrals for other people that need bankruptcy help. You have just helped your current client and they have received value from your office, now is the time to ask for referrals of friends or family that might be in the same situation. Hopefully you have served your current client well and she is happy with your service to refer another person to you.

As they say in the real estate business, “if you do not ask, you do not get.” Ask your satisfied clients if you can help their friends or family.

Another technique is the 90 day call.

Ninety days after the discharge of your client’s case, pick up the phone and call the client to see how she is doing. This is an opportunity to fix any problems and to build goodwill. Rarely does an attorney make such a call and this will set you apart from the pack. This is also time for you to follow up on any referrals she may have for you. She has experienced the value you provide and she may have had people ask about you and your staff.

The bankruptcy legal marketing opportunity is to stay in touch with your client after to discharge as a way to show goodwill and a way to ask for referrals for other people that you can help. The tip of the day is to Ask. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”


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