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Avoid Being a Bankruptcy Service Commodity

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How do you go from a commodity provider of legal services to a trusted advisor?

When a prospective client is looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, there are many attorneys out there they can hire. There are so many lawyers doing the bankruptcy work, that to the consumer they may appear to all be alike. From the client’s perspective the service is a commodity such as gasoline or detergent. One product appears as good as another, and it appears that it does not matter which one is used. This is the “commodization” of the bankruptcy practice.


The challenge for the bankruptcy lawyer is to show that he or she is not a commodity and that there is a difference in hiring him or her. Here are three ways to show prospective clients that your service is not the same as the other ten firms in your area that prepare bankruptcy petitions.


Concentrate on building referrals from past clients.


The best way to differentiate yourself is by being introduced through a personal referral from a satisfied former client. If a satisfied client gives your name to another potential client, then you and your firm are all ready something special. Few people give personal referrals, so the service you provided has had to warrant such a recommendation.

Remind your current clients to give your name out to their family and friends. Encourage them to remember you and this small action will generate referrals for you in the future. As Referral Coach Bill Cates says: “Tell your clients not to keep you a secret!”

Show your picture on the website or do a short video.

Another way to set yourself apart is to show a picture of yourself on your website. Or make a short two minute video of yourself on your website. You are a unique person and your face will show you as someone who is different than the law firms down the street.

The younger generation of bankruptcy lawyers understands the value of a picture or video. We older bankruptcy lawyer dinosaurs do not use our picture enough. If your website or advertising looks like everyone else’s, then it makes it hard for a customer to remember you. Use your picture!

Testimonial from past clients

Ask your former clients for a written testimonial. This letter can be used on your website to show new clients that you are different than your competition. Do not under estimate the power of the written word.


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