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 Riverside, California Chapter 7 Trustee Howard Grobstein will ask every debtor that sits in front of him if the name and address of their employer is listed in the petition and it is true and correct. The Chapter 7 Trustee is tasked by the US Trustee to make sure the name and address of the debtor’s employers is listed on Schedule “I” of the petition.


For privacy reasons, Trustee Grobstein will not allow the client to state the address of the employer on the audio record. Instead, Trustee Grobstein will ask the attorney to amend Schedule “I” to list that true and correct address.

Official Form B 6I was revised on December 1, 2013 and is more complicated than in previous year’s editions. Below is the part of the schedule that deals with employment:

Describe Employment

Check if this is:

An amended filing

A supplement showing post-petition chapter 13 income as of the following date: ________________

Part 1:

1. Fill in your employment information.

If you have more than one job, attach a separate page with information about additional employers.

Include part-time, seasonal, or self-employed work.

Occupation may Include student or homemaker, if it applies.

Employment status


Employer’s name Employer’s address

Employed Not employed

Employed Not employed

__________________________________ __________________________________

__________________________________ __________________________________

_______________________________________ ________________________________________ Number Street Number Street

_______________________________________ ________________________________________ City State ZIP Code


City State ZIP Code


How long employed there?

Practice Pointer:

Fill out the new revised Schedule “I” completely with the name and the address of the employer or the Chapter 7 Trustee may ask you to amend the schedule.  So this will save time and effort and money to list the correct address of the debtor’s employer in the schedule when filed with the court. Another tip is to list the local address of where the client works and not the national address which his paycheck may indicate.

The Trustee uses this local address to determine among another things the distance between where the debtor works and his home address and transportation expenses.


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