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Bankruptcy Marketing: The Cross-sell

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Do your clients know what you do besides bankruptcy?

A client finds you on the internet and calls you looking for help with bankruptcy. The client is totally focused on his bankruptcy problem. He looks to you for bankruptcy advice. In his eyes you are the bankruptcy expert.

You help him through the bankruptcy process and he obtains a discharge. He only knows you as a bankruptcy lawyer. However, if you do other things in the law field,

he may not know about them. He may not know about the other things you do, even if you told him at the beginning of the process that you do other things beside bankruptcy.

The reason for him not hearing you is that he has tunnel vision at the beginning of the case. His problem is people calling him day and night. He cannot think of anything but obtaining relief for his problem. While it is important to tell and show the other things that you do at the beginning of his case. The better time to remind him is after he has obtain some relief from his problem. In a bankruptcy case there are three times that have a better chance of the client remembering.

The first time is after the case is filed. The notices are sent a week later and the telephone calls and harassment has stopped. This is when the weight of the world is lifted from your client and he can breathe again. Now is the time to tell him or write to him with the other things that your office can do for him.

The next time of relief is AFTER the 341a meeting. The clients are happy they have made it through the meeting of creditors and now they can relax. This is the time to thank them for retaining you and to remind them of other ways that you can help them.

The third time to remind them is after they receive their discharge. A short note again thanking them for choosing you and a reminder how you can help in the future. By this time they have almost forgotten their bankruptcy case and can think of you and your office in a different light.

Bankruptcy Marketing Opportunity: Cross-sell your other legal services besides bankruptcy when the stress of filing bankruptcy is beyond your clients. They will be able to hear you when you have solved their immediate problems. They will then be able to think of you as a lawyer who does other things besides bankruptcy.


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